16 Mar 2020

You are already home.

16 Mar 2020

Não nasceste de pai e mãe.

Nasceste de uma onda

que rebentou, e da espuma

te fez a ti. 

6 Nov 2019

On the second day I could still feel you leaving my body. And it hurt all over again.

On the second day I could still feel you leaving my body. In a painful reminder of my worth to you.

On the second day I crumbled, waiting for you. Waiting for your hands to stroke m...

4 Nov 2019

I have showered with burning water today. To see if I could burn the part of you that is part of me. The skin is red, but I can still taste your lips. Will I ever tell you how much I loved you? How much I wanted to believe I was more than a body to be felt, to be desir...

24 Jul 2019

You are finally starting to find yourself and putting back the pieces.

19 Jun 2019

The exhaustion of finding the balance between self-care and self-destruction.

20 Apr 2019

E sei que mais te enleio e te deslumbro 
porque se mais me ofusco mais existo. 
Por dentro me ilumino, sol oculto, 
por fora te ajoelho, corpo místico. 
..." Natália Correia, Outubro

21 Mar 2019

 How do you fight yourself and win?

16 Jan 2019

 Fog in my mind. Fog in my heart.

27 Dec 2018

"... Let the breeze bring you home... whisper "this too shall pass" even if you don't believe it. the universe will hear you... how you got here. how you remain despite." - Tonya Ingram 

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